The invention of the first soap pedestal

I’m pleased to introduce the first collection of La Chose – The soap pedestal ®

Clean water is essential to life, but can we take it for granted? We just turn the tap, and there it is. Even sensory experiences are linked to water. Seemingly unremarkable moments can bring immense joy; for instance, feeling your wet skin as you lie on a towel after a dip in the ocean, being surprised by a refreshing summer rain after an unbearable heat or listening to water babbling down a stream.

Carefully manufactured soap bars with evocative fragrances, different textures and shapes conjure positive emotions. Just the fragrance alone can be emotionally charged with invisible memories. Additionally, its ever-changing shape gradually dissolving without leaving a substantial trace, adds to its allure. Once in contact with water and our skin a soap bar nourishes, cleanses and invites us to a nuanced emotional state.

La Chose is a beautifully shaped base that elevates a soap bar to a new level: spatial and functional. An elegant yet modest piece for everyday use never seen before. Once the base has been attached to the soap bar, using your thumb pressing lightly, the two elements merge seamlessly into a haptic-sculptural object. When held in the hands it almost becomes an extension of the self. When standing on a surface, it keeps the soap away from sitting in the water. La Chose has the potential to turn daily rituals into intensified pleasurable moments. And in the end, it was created with the aim to pay reverence to water, to protect nature and to spark bliss into the mundane.

The first collection of La Chose ® is available in polished stainless steel.

Dimensions: 26 x 12 mm, Weight: 26 grs.